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Free Consultation

The planning system and the Building Control Process can be confusing, with complex rules and regulations to be adhered to at every turn, so a good way to start the ball rolling is with a free consultation meeting at your home to discuss your requirements. This is an initial opportunity for you to explain what your vision is, and for us to set out what you may be allowed to do without applying for planning permission using the permitted development rules, to detail how the planning process works, go over Building Regulation requirements, and discuss fees etc.

One hour is normally sufficient, following which a survey is undertaken.

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Concept Design

Once a quotation has been agreed upon and an initial site survey completed, we enter into a dialogue where you let us know what you hope to achieve from the development. We take this information and shape it into an initial drawing, which you then approve. Sounds simple right? However this is probably the most difficult period of the entire process, as this is where you need to be completely satisfied that the design is right for you.

You can communicate with us as much as is required until you are happy that the design is right for you, only then will we proceed to the detailed design phase. We usually email proposals for clients to consider, which helps to speed this phase along. There is no additional fee for design alterations at this stage, this is all about getting your project right.

The time spent in this phase is normally dictated by the client and is generally about 1 to 2 weeks (if you really know what you want we can get through this in a few days!).

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Detailed Design

Following agreement with you on the design of the development we finalise the drawings and put the finishing touches to the design, ready for submission to the Local Authority.

This usually takes a week at most.

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Pre-Application Advice

This is an option for clients who are seeking clarification on planning requirements, and want to ensure the proposed development meets the Local Authorities requirements. This route has additional fees to the Local Authority (approx £40/50), however we will not charge for using this option and will prepare the application as part of the agreed fee.

The Local Authority will take approximately 4 weeks to provide this advice.

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Planning Application Submission

We submit all applications online to the Planning Authority and will act as your Planning Agent dealing with council officers throughout the process.

Applications are normally submitted to the Local Authority following completion of design and payment of our fees.

A typical householder planning application costs £172, payable to the Local Authority, and takes 8 weeks to determine.

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Permitted Development Submission

Some developments do not require planning permission, however in these cases we recommend that clients apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development, which is formal recognition from the Local Authority that your development does not require planning permission and is considered lawful under permitted development rights.

A Lawful Development Certificate application costs £86, payable to the Local Authority, and takes 8 weeks to determine.

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Planning Decision

Following an application for planning permission or for a Lawful Development Certificate, the Local Authority will give its decision after approximately 8 weeks.

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Building Control Application

Building Control will determine if a development is acceptable following guidance given in the Building regulations 2010 Approved Documents. There are two common routes for clients to consider:

  • Full Plans Submission - We submit a plan for approval, which normally takes approximately 5-8 weeks. Following approval from Building Control you are free to start on site.

  • Building Notice Submission - We submit one form to your Local Authority Building Control and you are then free to start work immediately.

There are advantages to both routes, and both routes incur the same fees to the Local Authority.

We are part of the Local Authority Building Control Partnership Scheme, which ensures a Local Authority Building Control Consultant is readily available to comment on proposals. This partnership has helped to develop a relationship with the LABC which benefits our clients.

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